Mutipotentiel.le.s, atypical, outsized … have confidence in the school of life!

It is while watching this TED conference by Julien Peron that I thought back to all those whom the school, the entourage, colleagues and life have described as "different". The famous"atypical" ones,those who seem not to follow the patterns and standards.

To those who do not feel like others.

To all those people who (like me before) feel like they are not "fit into the mould", to want to learn so many different things, to be interested in so many fields, instead of being the "specialists" that society, the world is looking for.

Finally, the world before… for it is changing.
Life Education | Julien PERON | TEDxNarbonne

Multipotential.le.s: succeed… despite its "difference"

In the first part of his speech, Julien recounts, in a moving way, how different he had felt from others. Diagnosed with dyslexic and disorthographic, he struggled at school, and lived with his family in a concierge's lodge of forty square meters. He is accused of being head in the stars, he is condemned to be in check all his life. He suffers, feels rejected, devalued.

And then one day, he has the chance to go to the USA for a month, with a host family, and to go to an American college.

And at the age of 10, his life will change.

He decides to travel all over the world, with his backpack, and learns life.

He also discovered kung fu, another school of life for him. He learns endurance, perseverance, flexibility of mind, respect for oneself and the other, and self-confidence.

Julien misses his baccalaureate twice in a row, and "condemned to be a homeless person" according to the director of his high school (…), he decides to take cross roads to succeed – despite everything. He becomes a postman, a security guard, a bartender… and tries again to obtain a BTS alternately.

His life takes yet another turn: his family is laid off, and he actually finds himself… homeless.

But his mind has changed: he decides to welcome this experience, and to fend for himself. It develops a strength and optimism "foolproof".

Julien continues his studies, and enters a company on an alternating basis. He then discovers hitherto unknown skills: federating people around a project, and communicating.

And then decides, penniless but convinced of its success, to create its communication agency. "Something in me told me it was right. A little voice, my instinct, my intuition."

This should guide us all, in our life choices.

The one that reminds us of what we are good at, what we are made for.

And when you follow your instincts, you do what you were born to do, you bring what you have to bring to society.

Julien Peron also became a director and producer, and released two documentaries: "C'est quoi le bonheur pour vous"and "L'école de la Vie, une génération pour tout changer".

And writes a book…

He who thought that born poor, he would never reach the world of cinema. And that with his dyslexia, he could never write… He for whom the "classical" school was not to do, made his own this sentence of Gandhi: "Be the change you want to see in the world".

So, it was naturally up to him to imagine another school… that of Life. A school of Life that prides the place to experience and intuition. He founded the Festival pour l'école de la Vie, which brings together in Montpellier, since 2014, several thousand people concerned with education issues.

The Project My Magical Life is also the school of life, reserved for adults this time – I will talk about it later.

Multipotential: learning outside the nails

The school of life, according to its definition, is to learn every day from our experiences. It is to take parallel paths to train, to acquire skills. Like learning on the job, once integrated into a company, or by creating your own job.

Key n°1: continuing education

This is the FONGECIF, the professional seminars, or the VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience).

It means going back to school at the age of 30 or 40, and acquiring a Master's degree online, on training platforms such as Coursera. And it's the best choice to make. Because the world is changing, and will change even faster.

My diplomas from high schools are highly valued by companies in the world "before", but if we look the truth in the face, there are many of my learnings of the time that have become obsolete: for example, when I obtained my Master's degree in marketing, social networks did not exist…

It is especially that I continued to learn after my (yet very long) studies that I managed to evolve professionally. And even if today my very varied knowledge serves me in all aspects of my work, it is clear that it is mainly because I have updated them.

I would even say that I could have left school before the baccalaureate, and learn everything online today, without any problem. And even without the need to obtain the corresponding certifications or diplomas, if I created my own activity.

Diplomas matter especially for recruiters from large companies… but it is above all your experience that will then make the difference.

Of course, there are many professions for which classical, university training, in dedicated training centers, is essential. If you want to become a dentist or doctor, architect or judge, it is necessary to be able to certify his qualifications to practice – for the safety of all.

Key #2: experience and adaptation

But many trades are learned on the job. And some will in fact, be the most useful, therefore the most sought after, in the world to come.

The other thing that resonated for me in this conference is the adaptation to reality. And to the immense changes to come.

Already because the reality of climate change, the depletion of natural resources, and our economic model, is real. In the medium term, we are heading towards a 'collapse' (I prefer the word 'slippage', which is less anxiety-provoking) of our thermo-industrial society. And even more so today, because when we come out of our confinement, a sacred economic crisis awaits us. I talk about it on my other blog, Tomorrow The New World. And even though these two topics seem very far apart, they are actually totally connected. We talk every time about personal resilience.

Multipotential: the jobs of tomorrow

As you will have seen recently, what seemed to have been taken for granted, recorded and unshakeable has been turned upside down by a global pandemic. We suddenly realize that cashiers and truckers are actually much more important than marketing managers. Who find themselves for some, after three weeks of confinement, almost without work, since we do not know the date of exit from this confinement, nor what their company will be made of.

It is also understood that we are very dependent on supermarkets, and that if the supply chain breaks down, we will simply no longer have to eat. We see that paper masks become more precious objects than a new dress, and that many products come from far away, from China.

And that those who still know how to sew or grow their vegetables have a big advantage over others…

You will have understood it: when you wonder what job to do, because you are bored in the one you are currently occupying, or when you wonder what training to undertake, I answer you: look to the future.

Even look at the present, and see what is really useful.

Think about what a shrinking world without oil would be like, and what it must be resilient would be like.

Multipotentials: the continuity of your income

Already, the so-called "dream job" that we have been sold since the 60s, the CDI in "white collar" in an office, is no longer a dream.

But in addition, having a single income based on a high level of specialization, is in fact the most fragile situation there is. You are neither adaptable, because it is too specialized, nor independent, because your source of income depends solely on the goodwill of another person: your boss.

On the other hand, a construction worker who repairs, who gardens, who is able to do plumbing or electricity, and who has a variety of customers, will always fall back on his paws.

First, he knows how to build (or renovate) his own house.

Then it can adapt to the demand.

Finally, if he loses one of his clients, he can fall back on the others.

Multiple sources of income, based on broad skills, and a varied clientele. I know of some such profiles. They never run out of work… nor opportunities to learn…

But do not believe that the world of tomorrow will be limited to eating, drinking and sleeping to save nature – and because there are no more jobs.

Even if the decreasing communities and the "neo-rural" show a life project based mainly on primary needs, the reality will be quite different. Resilient communities will require doctors, peasants and artisans, but also psychologists, journalists and communicators. It will take people who know how to repair electric vehicles, others who will breed horses. It will take engineers to set up wind turbines and solar panels, or water reprocessing systems.

Many jobs will disappear, but not immediately. But many more will appear. You have great opportunities in companies that rely on training to transfer to rehabilitated qualifications.

The School of Life and the Galaxy Factory

This school of life project will further develop online on different media, with this blog, my 2nd book, podcasts and videos, as well as online trainings.

But the project is also a physical school, within a place that is both a training center and a place to live. It will come to life in Valencia, Spain, before – I hope – developing in France, and in other countries.

It will host conferences, trainings and workshops on three main themes: resilience and degrowth, changes in employment, and personal development – including giftedness and multipotentiality.

The central idea is to propose something other than a conference of one or two hours, but stays where you can really ask yourself to learn a lot, and work on your problem, your personal desires.

Its name: The Galaxy Factory. Because each person can create a universe of ideas, and we are as multiple as the Universe…

To learn more, read this presentation,and subscribe to the Facebook page to follow the progress of the project.

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