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I wanted to tell you about a subject that is close to my heart, because it is part of the things that can change a life. Because a crowded life is a heavy, heavy life, a life that forces us to stay in place, for fear of losing what we have.

As you may know if you went to get lost on this page,I write articles, but I also offer conferences, workshops and practical advice in personal development. It's not my main job, but I have a few years of psychology studies behind me, thousands of hours of reading and research, and also… a great experience of life! And one of my specialties, surprisingly (… but not so much in the end), it's therapy by sorting and home organizing.

Why did I take a particular interest in tidying up your interior? Well… because one of the most difficult yet rewarding life experiences I have experienced (and on several occasions) is learning how to get rid of my stuff.

I come from a very modest family, where everything was kept. All this meant shopping bags, old T-shirts, wooden planks, or broken notebooks. Everything, including the clothes of missing persons. Everything, including photos of friends who have moved away, ugly vases but that we had bought at a price of gold as a holiday souvenir. all… and too.

Sort, I can't do without it anymore

At a very young age I also did sales with my family, and I learned the value of small things,old, unique or simply uncommon objects, sustainable things. We glued back, we sewed back, we repaired. To top it all off, I have always had a penchant for recovery and recycling, and so I got into the habit of "storing" quite early on, because I saw in the object a potential for use, a transformation, a possible creation. And then you know what it is… over the years, when we begin to have larger and larger living spaces, a house with an attic, a cellar, and two garages … you end up with tons of things.

And then… we separate. We have to leave. And then we realize that we have accumulated a lot, mine of nothing. And that in fact, most of these things have been stacked for years, without having become anything other than what they are. And we realize that we're going to live in a smaller place, and that in all of this, we're going to have to choose. Death in the soul, so I began to sort, passively, trying to "save what I could".

And then I had a click. Frankly, do these shelves, these books, or these two armchairs, remind me of good memories? Do I still want to see them around me? From that moment on (like what the mind is powerful), the test became a new hobby! I started reading many books about tidying up, sorting, and following their advice. I realized that an overfilled interior left little room for novelty. Nostalgia, accumulation, fear of missing… A lot of superficial things in appearance resonate with very deep things. And I wanted to clean and sort through my interior… and in my heart too. Space, the new, the simple, the essential. Lightening, and above all, that things that when we see them, when we use them, do us good.

Where to start?

I'm getting ready to move back to… a fairly close horizon, and I am delighted to have the opportunity again to make a good big sorting! As I'm right in the bath, I've put together for you this little list of the first 15 things that you should get rid of if you feel like making room, lightening your space, head and life. Because you'll see, this list of objects talks a lot about who you are.


You can scan many documents to keep them warm in your hard drive or even better, on your cloud. I also strongly advise to scan and store your diplomas, pay slips, identity papers and other certificate of ownership … Because if the house burns… Well, OK, this is competition sorting, very minimalist option, even survivalist! But these, it will take you so much time and administrative worries to recover them…

Manuals and user manuals

Except if like me you buy little but quality, and you plan to resell some devices even old, throw away all these guides, instructions for use and other (expired) warranty documents that you accumulate in your filing cabinets or your pockets. You will find them very very often online in the form of a PDF, on the manufacturer's website. You will see, when you start, the recyclable bin will fill up at high speed. Good riddance, it is the case to say it. And you save one or two trees, in addition.

Old travel guides

OK, OK, I know they remind you of your city trip to Barcelona, Berlin or Bombay. Been there, done that. But honestly, they are ten years old, do you think that the good plans inside still exist? At the limit, cut out the cover, or the pages that talk about places you have visited, and add them to your photo album, it's original! The rest, out! We recycle, of course…

The rotten makeup… or any expired (it's worse)

This rimmel that stings the eyes, this foundation that does not suit you, this deo whose spray button no longer works, this shampoo that makes the hair all rough … There, unfortunately, it is "undulable" and not recyclable. POU-BELLE. Shopping mistakes happen. Ask for samples the next time you fall for a product of a certain price. And then think about all these little bacteria that have grown since the time you opened them…

The medicine cabinet

Finally… what he has in it!In the same spirit, while you are in your bathroom, sort out expired medications. I keep those that have often been useful to me and still in the use-by date (creams for burns, mosquito repellents, soothing creams, painkillers …), but the others, on the contrary, recycle them as quickly as possible: they will delight Pharmacists without Borders,and especially people who need them very much. To do so, simply bring them to your pharmacy.

T-shirts "to tinker"

OK, apart from if you have planned to paint 300 m2 next month, you are quite sure that these eighteen t-shirts recovered from the caravans of the Tour de France 1987 enrich your wardrobe? Keep 2of them. Propose others on social networks, you never know: there may be friends who redo their bathroom. And if no one claims it after seven days, recycle.

Old towels and sheets

I kept tons of them, for… painting, again and again! Except if you plan to move, because it is a good plan to protect sensitive business, such as mirrors, vases … Or to wipe Medor when you walked him in the rain. Or to dry it after its bath. But otherwise, anything that is torn, torn, holed, and/or that smells of the rotting cockroach… no longer has room in your home.Help, you're better than that!

The pens that no longer write, the tapes that no longer stick, the elastic ribbons all cooked …

Do I need to explain? Oh, really? Do you plan to create a piece of contemporary art with it? If so, when exactly?

Old dictionaries, Harrap's, labour codes…

I plead guilty. But it's been more than 15 years that I use only the web, I think … and no one needs it. So we're going to put that in the "trunk to give". My shelves will be very happy.


Honestly, I don't know about you, but I only use my tablet and Marmiton in my kitchen. It's a nice collection, but it's either full of fat stains, or not fun, or just not practical. I sold everything on LeBoncoin,it takes up space at someone else's now. And I bought an espresso coffee maker with my winnings.

Solo socks in your drawers

Haven't found their binoculars for more than 2 months? Say goodbye to them, they have gone to the paradise of the socks. And probably have a better life up there…

Loyalty cards

Download an application like Fidme or Prixing,you will have everything on your smartphone. Keep the ones you use at least once every semester – if you really like to have a very thick and heavy wallet…

Expired food

Sauces, boxes of peas, exotic flours, condiments that have lost their scent … Except if you want to make compost…

Dishes and kitchen appliances

The bread machine, the pasta machine, the eighth coffee service, the pan that's too big, and everything you haven't used in two years: it's heavy, and it takes up a lot of space. Please your friends, your neighbors, Emmaus

The underwear with holes, stained, washed out, not comfortable, that do not fit you …

Yes, I hear you from afar, you wear them at night. Just a question: do you really think that it pleases your other half, or that it will attract company?

That's it, it's already a good start, isn't it? I assure you, putting your house in order will allow us to put your life in order, to lighten you, to make you think about your consumption habits, and to see more clearly in your real needs. Remember: sell, give, recycle, but only throw away what can'thave other lives for other people…

And if you have other ideas, let go of the comments!

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