About Sophie Barbarella

During my career in the design and web field, I developed a passion for blogging, and just for fun, I created different blogs about nature and animals, the USA, or even survivalism (yes).

In 2015, I started this one, called My Magical Life, that talked about positive psychology, high potentials and multipotentialites. The least one can say is that I started to have lots of readers on this particular topic. So I wrote a little book. I’m currently writing a second one, a ‘real’ one this time, printed on real paper and all.

I am what is called a gifted person and a multipotentialite. Like every human being, I’m multiple and rich, a real disco ball – I just have a lot of facets! And I am very happy like this. I was lucky enough to be able to study for a long time, on the one hand in journalism, on the other hand in social psychology. Among other things. I am passionate about anthropology, philosophy, neuroscience and psychology, human biology, sociology, the animal world and the world of tomorrow. My DNA is that of a researcher. I set no limits for myself in the areas I’m looking in, and I don’t define myself by my degrees or any other criteria.

Sophie Barbarella

Many problems in life come from a lack of knowledge of basic things like how our brain works, the different styles of love attachment, or the basics of interpersonal communication. I didn’t learn any of this in school or in my family. I suffered a lot from it – but I also learned a lot.

My primary goal is to pass on this knowledge and what I am still discovering in order to, like the hummingbird, do my little part, to make people feel (a little) better, by teaching them a few things. But also to open discussions around all these topics.

My articles are my own. And I didn’t want to write a millionth blog about personal development. I am neither politically correct nor necessarily self-righteous in my writings – among my faults is that I like to talk about things that should not be talked about, to break taboos, to lift the carpet, to evoke subjects that may annoy or disturb. This is one of the characteristics of “zebras”, the little name that gifted people sometimes take: the need for justice and equity.

Even if I talk about happiness and ways to reach it (or at least try to), I also write about the inconvenient truths about human beings and personal development. I’ve done the rounds of psychology as it is seen in France, then in the USA, of nonsense positivism that refuses any “negative” emotion and advocates non-stop happiness, unrealistic life principles and gurus who sell connection with the universe and the law of attraction at a high price.

The reality is, sorrow and disappointments are inevitable, and our troubles make us grow.

That we are and always will be complex and imperfect, that we will not succeed in everything, and that it is better to accept that life is unfair.

That nobody has The Truth nor The Recipe of Happiness.

And that being happy all the time is biologically impossible.

If you want to learn what you don’t learn in school, if you prefer the truth to illusions, welcome, you are at home.