the Sacred Feminine, a spiritual and philosophical path

Sacred FeminineWhen women sing in a circle, the voice of the goddess emerges from the depths of the soul. When women recognize themselves as sacred, the power of the feminine awakens. When we love each other, we love nature and the world is transformed. The sacred feminineis a non-religious spiritual path, which invites each woman to reconnect with her essence. To be proud to be a woman, to understand her role in the world, that of the Goddess, the Mother, the Protector, the Wise. The one that protects Nature, the one that brings peace, the one that cuddle and heals. She is in compassion and benevolence, for others as well as for herself. In a world where everything goes fast, where we no longer have time to take a step back, this approach aims to remind women who they really are. What is their essence. To no longer consider oneself as a sexual object, between fascination and abuse. That his body is the body that gives life, and whose way on Earth is to protect this life, all life. That she is the equal of Man, and that man is the equal of Woman. It's finding one's place and role, in a world where messages are confused. It is to get out of this competition with other women for the look and the so-called "love" of men, to instead be in the support and collaboration with his "female sisters". It is to seek inner peace and harmony in one's life. She must also, in this way, look for a companion who is also awakened to her Sacred Masculine. I invite you to read this excellent and profound article by Laura Marie on this concept. His blog may not speak to you on all his topics, and his vision. But she details well the false perceptions of the feminine in the current world, and the 7 characteristics of the woman who is in her sacred feminine.

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