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It's time to start delivering you the secrets that made me a gifted and a happy multipotential, not too toasted from the brain and rather in cool mode. All my stuff, I intend to let you know in my next book, The Guide to Happy Multipotential,which will be released on December 1st. And as it is the weekend, I make you discover in preview its cover at the end of the article!

For some time, I have studied quite a lot a movement that is not new, but which has regained its letters of nobility since the worldwide success of Marie Kondo's book, The Magic of Storage. As I am as interested in happiness as in success,and I know thatorganization is the key, I wanted to perfect my knowledge and better know this art of decluttering. That goes much further than having fewer objects in your home. It is also a wayto learn to let go and to lighten one's life and daily life.

And his brain, too…

Minimalism and maxi-effects

If you are part of my tribes, namely those of the gifted and the multipotential, you know how close our lives are to simplicity. Our daily lives are never long quiet rivers, between intellectual effervescence, fireworks of ideas, project launches and tests in all directions. We often end our days in turmoil, with the unfulfilled dream of finally finding the "Off" button. We read too much, too much thought, not breathed enough, and we often did not do what we had planned that morning. Or so, but in addition to unexpected ballads in a good dozen new lands, eager that we are for reflections and explorations.

This is where the link with my interest in this heavy trend towards voluntary simplicity was explained. Indeed, when we often suffer from being "too much",one of the many ways to counterbalance our excesses and our mental slippages are organization and simplification.

And it often starts with a good big cleaning by the vacuum… I know what I'm talking about, I'm right in it. And already, the effects are being felt.

I am multipotential, freelance and entrepreneur, so I only have the schedules that I set for myself. And since I'm curious, I can leave for hours on tons of projects in parallel. Most are intellectual, which sometimes results in mental overload, with 12384 ideas rotating at the same time. It takes up space, it takes time.And even if like me you are very organized – I almost never look for my belongings – there is still this feeling of "overflow", of suffocation, of weight of things to move, to store, to keep.

But by starting to remove from my environment all the objects that do not bring me, or no longer, well-being, time saving, or energy, I began to free myself from constraints. Fewer objects means less cleaning to do, all these trinkets to dust, all these clothes to sort, these boxes to move, these boxes to open. Fewer objects means finding what we are looking for faster, it means asking ourselves fewer questions, because we have fewer choices. It means moving faster, because we no longer bypass the chair, then the table, then the dresser.

But minimalism is also in the other aspects of his life that he can make his magic work.

It's lightening up appointments that are not necessarily useful, such as networking evenings that will only rarely generate customers. Or terrace appointments with former colleagues whose horizons no longer stick too much with our life as a digital nomad.

It's preferring to make your shopping orders online, and withdraw your shopping in Drive, when the week is already far too busy. It's choosing Netflix at the movie release, to go to bed earlier and go for a walk in the forest, in the cool, the next day. It's preparing in advance your menus and outfits for the week, and saving so much time in the morning. That's fewer questions to ask, actually. And it frees up space in the head and in his schedule.

It is also to delete emails already read, it is to unsubscribe from mailing lists (except mine, of course 🙂 ). It's blocking notifications on your smartphone, and only watching Facebook in the evening, Instagram for a little while at lunchtime. It's sorting your mail as soon as it arrives, it's delegating as much as possible what you don't like to do, which takes time. To his colleagues, to his children, to his friends, to service providers. Aaaah, treat yourself to a big cleaning once a month, go back in the evening to a clean apartment with your linen ironed, and sit on your sofa for a long, long meditation session, or the first sip of beer!

Minimalism means no

… when you feel it's going to be too much. It is to stop behaving like a superman or hyperwoman, taking care of doing everything, under the pretext that we know how to do it. It's learning to set only three goals a day, and no more than two small chores to do.

It's reading a single book at the same time, in a quiet place conducive to concentration.

It's… It's… there are plenty of little things to put in place, which put together end to end, as you go along, then allow you to have much morespace and mental peace.

Minimalism means being more effective

"A minimalist habit is one that requires little effort for maximum results." This is a very good adaptation to the minimalism of the Pareto 20-80 principle. Spend more time with our loved ones, and those who bring us the most. Stop working for hard customers, and focus on those who pay on time. Concentrate the cleaning in thirty minutes, and settle for what is strictly necessary. Because on his deathbed, we will remember much more of this famous summer evening with our friends than to have ironed our tea towels very well …When we tend to do a lot, minimalism can really helpus, by teaching us to refocus on the essentials,and to relieve our shoulders and brain a little.

I am still deepening my readings and developing my own method, much softer and more progressive than those I have been able to discover in recent months. I will of course talk about it in future articles, from therapeutic sorting on My Magical Life to degrowth and happy sobriety on my other blog Tomorrow The New World. How to buy less but better, but also always prioritize your mental and physical well-being,social and relaxing activities. Our results and our lives are all the better.

I prepare new content materials in addition to my articles, including podcasts, and some of them will talk about the method I followed to improve my life and daily life through minimalism. You will soon find me on Youtube, in audio and later in video!

And finally, here is the cover of the e-book (of 300 pages!), Le Guide du Multipotentiel Heureux :

happy multipotential

It is based on the translation of the books of the famous psychologist and scanner specialist Barbara Sher, other authors such as Emilie Wapnick and Margaret Lobenstine, the compilation of many French and American articles and videos, the interview of other scanners of the group of Apéros Scanneurs de Lille and the scanners of the group Meetup Ma Vie Magique , numerous testimonials on Facebook and private forums, and my own research.

The idea is to bring together in a book "reference" all the knowledge on the methods to succeed in life and in life when you are a scanner, Renaissance, polymath, multipotential … It will be available at the end of 2020 and will be sold for €24.90.

And still in stock…

Cover 50 Dream Jobs for Multipotentials

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