Female libido: what excites women? Not necessarily love…

libido orgasm woman On My Magical Life, we talk about personal development, but we also talk about what we talk little about. We talk about taboos, things that are not necessarily politically correct, we question beliefs, myths, a prioris and diktats of all kinds. Because personal development is also about knowing how to get rid of certain pressures that can prevent you from being really happy. Among them, there is one that particularly irritates me: the social pressure placed on women in relation to gender. In 2017, even though things have changed a lot, there is still this popular imagery that women come to sex through love, and men to love through sex. Who would like to see women as eternal romantics, who are monogamous, who seek sex only for reproduction and to "please their husbands", and whose fantasies are always oriented towards romantic embraces with Prince Charming. In this article published in 2014 on Marie-Claire's website,"What really excites women?",the journalist presented the results of a study carried out by the American journalist Daniel Bergner. In her book "What do women want? (voted document of the year by the Los Angeles Times), he compiled his eight years of investigation into sexuality and female libido. And the results explode myths about female libido and desire. Do not displease some gentlemen, who are frightened by female sexual freedom, and some ladies, who do not like to be described in this way… feminine desire is not a flowery meadow where nice sparrows chibble. Finally if: when they lie there in the company of a muscular and enterprising male! Whether they know his first name or not… Thus, we learn that the feminine fantasy that beats all the records of popularity is… to have sex with a stranger. So fi conventions that want women to be necessarily in love to copulate. Like men, women are animals, and as for them, their sexual arousal is "totally anarchic and displays omnivorous tendencies. This signs the animality of a primitive impulse in female desire." Clearly, a heterosexual woman is also excited to see two women having sex, and lesbians by watching scenes of fellatio and male sodomy. Sex doesn't really have a… sex. It is the sexual intercourse itself that triggers the excitement. Even if our sexual attractions are different. Amazing, isn't it? Liberating too: no, being excited by watching gay gay porn movies, male or female, should not make us wonder about our sexual orientation. This one is… omnivorous in essence, even if we prefer people of the same sex or those of the opposite sex. This would confirm other studies conducted by psychologists who claimed that we are all bisexual. We also learn that women are just as visual as men,despite the clichés that everyone believed in. That they do not have a taste for fidelity, and that they are just as cooled by the overflow of intimacy. Similarly, the so-called decrease in female libido, due to life changes, hormonal changes and the arrival of menopause for women between 40 and 55 years old, is largely offset when they… meet a new lover. Here too, an old cliché jumps: that of the woman who from a certain age, is more wife and mother than lover… Finally, we learn that THE engine of female desire is to be the object of man's desire. Female libido is based on narcissism, the fact of being desired, which makes the "enterprising" man so desirable. This is also what can explain this desire more or less displayed by "manly" men: men who show them their desire. However, this is also sometimes what they reproach them for… to think only of sex. No wonder they now say they are a little lost. Well, know it gentlemen: to conquer a woman, you have to know how to show your desire. By words, looks, gestures, more than by smears-frottas in the subway, preferably … showing desire does not mean sexually assaulting. The feminine desire is therefore just as primitive and animal as that of man,which goes well in favor of gender equality! It would also allow women to assume their desire with men, to no longer feel guilty for wanting a neighbor or a stranger in a bar, to be able to let go without judging themselves (because men love) when they find themselves under the duvet. It would also allow women to better understand and accept the male appetite for sex, because in their home, it is just as powerful! Female libido: what excites women? Not necessarily love… , an article signed Sophie Girardot.The text of this article is the property of its author and may not be used without his consent and under certain conditions. Sources / Credits Contact me by email: SophieMaVieMagique@gmail.com

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