Multipotential.le, stop looking for your passion!

Since the launch of my blogs, and the publication of posts on the networks, I had the great pleasure of receiving emails or comments from people who all told me: "I recognized myself in your article,I finally understood who I was: multipotential! ». And it makes me so, so happy, to see that by talking about this subject, others than me can finally, just as I did, put a name on "who they are".

Finally, NAMES: I prefer to define myself as a "scanner", because we can use it in verb ("I scan a lot of things in the field of sport at the moment") or a neologism that belongs only to me: my "scannitude". For example: "It was because of my scannitude that I spent three hours surfing from one article to another when initially I was just checking my email!»

But in France, the best known term seems to be "multipotential". And "multipotential" for girls! Or "Renaissance Spirit" for everyone. The prettiest name I find! But that does not change anything to the questions of these "multipotes"…

Because in parallel, scanners / mltipotentials often tell me about their difficulties in everyday life.One of the remarks that comes back in a loop, and that still emerged in the discussions during our meeting between multipotential (the) is: "I can not find my passion". "I want to find my way, I don't know what to choose… I find and then after… I don't like it anymore, I change, I'm bored…».

Dear friends, scanners, scanners, multipotentials, it is time to realize, for your own psychological well-being, an essential point. You are inherently multi-everything, so you will never find YOUR passion, because you have several! And that's not a problem…

Multipotential: we are wrong…

"What is your passion? What interests you in life?" You have been told for two decades that the answer to this question was the key to a successful life and professional career. But what if this question was not the right one?Let's discuss this obviously very trendy idea.

According to this starting principle, you have one and only one passion, and your job (via lots of books, seminars and sessions with a coach) is therefore to find it. And to devote yourself only to this, without deviating from your sole purpose. (Already, the term "unique" should tickle you in the corners). And all your whole life, like until the end.

To summarize:

I find MY passion > I find the job that goes with > I do this same job from 20 to 60 years old > I go into retirement (there I can scan as much as I want, everyone doesn't care, I will soon die anyway) > death.

Once you have found your passion, everything should, then, fall into place as if by magic. Do you love knitting? Playing the guitar? Make it your job!

And it is true that this fits perfectly with the concept explained by John Williams, whose book I recommend:

If you do not read English, I translate the title, which makes you dream it must be said: "How to do what you like and get paid for it". And also know that he will be one of the dozens of books not translated into French with which I work to write my book on scanners!

First point: a PASSION is not an OBJECTIVE. Both have absolutely nothing, but NOTHING, to do. A passion is a flame that is triggered for someone, for something, at one time or another. That will last two days, two months, two years or two decades, we don't know! It is something impulse, not rational.

Second point: what if the guitar does not bring you a kopek? She then has a good back, passion! How many people do you know who love music or cinema? All right…… How many of them earn their living in music or cinema?… And we're talking about those who work in the cinema and who struggle with poverty wages and very, very stupid bosses?

In his book, John WIlliams does not talk at all about the fact that one must remain glued until the end of one's life to one and only one road, one "hobby that pays". Not only can we change it, but we can also accumulate several to achieve the end of the month … or even get rich!

What exactly is it to earn a living?

You're going to say, yes, but I have to find a way to make a living? And if possible, do a job that I like?

First, open your mind, get out of your comfort zone, remove your blinkers, illuminate the tunnel, in short embrace the universe of possibilities. I do not know if it is the fact of having been very early sidelined and seen as a "strange" person by my entourage and my fellows, if it is the fact of being zebra and therefore with a different thought, or something else. But I often see life with a lot of hindsight, and therefore especially everything that goes beyond the framework, in addition to what is in it.

First of all, I am always surprised when I am only told about paid work. In France, in 2017, only 10% of hirings were on permanent contracts. Why see the way to earn money only through a job, and in addition, with a single form of contract?

You can earn a living in many different ways, without even having a "job", as many people hear it. But that's the goal in the end, to earn something to live on, a lot if you need a lot, just what you need if you need little (and some people, self-sufficient, need little income). Especially in today's world: we can multiply the sources of income. This is even how some have had new ideas of companies, services: LeBonCoin, BlaBlacar were born from the idea and the desire to earn money "otherwise". To have additional income, to put butter in spinach. It's not just the pay slip and the employment contract in life.

We can knit pretty scarves and sell them on Etsy or Little Market, earn enough to pay for a nice holiday, and stop when it gives us. You can play guitar in a bar and make small or big tips, and buy other guitars, or even a motorhome to travel on weekends in all the bars of your region. We are then, as John Williams describes it, paid to do what we love! But at no time condemned to do it ALL HIS LIFE. Who forces us to do so?

The world is changing very quickly

It is definitely random to choose a single profession for the rest of your life when you know that on average, you will change anyway between 5 and 10 times. This no longer happens, these people who have spent their entire career in the same company. Half of the jobs of 2050 do not yet exist,and a million new businesses are waiting to be created. In 2015, 16% of the workforce juggled between two professions, or still more than 4 million people. This idea of "passion", which perhaps condemns you to being stuck in a job without a future or income, is not necessarily the best, as is the "vocation". In fact, everyone will, later, be multipotential without knowing it – or wanting it!

So, which profession to choose?

For decades, we have been taught that we have to do the same job as Dad, then a job that makes money, and now the new injunction is to find your passion, and therefore the job that corresponds to it. If you can't find it, you miss your life. But you already have,, multipotential.le, multiple passions, and your essence is not to be stuck in one. It's far too stressful to look for HIS passion. Enjoy YOUR passions, and have fun with it!

My answers are:

  • Scan and try in the areas that make you vibrate in the moment. It may be that your "dream job" OF THE MOMENT is in an experience that you try. Do you want to sell? Take a job as a salesperson, and test yourself. If you don't like it after two days, move on. If not, enjoy, learn, make money and put them aside for the times when you want to do something else altogether. multipotential.le already has much more chances, by doing this, to find the "job of his dreams" OF THE MOMENT (Remember: the world changes quickly, you also change, life is long …).
  • Find something that brings VALUE. That meets a need.
  • Try to solve problems. Provides solutions.
  • Success can fuel passion as much as passion can lead to success. (Yes, I know, it smokes up there.)
  • Take a permanent contract the time to buy yourself a house and a car, to take out all the credits you want. After that, you no longer have to be an employee. And you're really sure you want to stay stuck in this city or this village for the next 20 or 25 years?

I look forward to reading your comments!

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