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multipotentiality bookI just broke a record this morning. That of the 200th email received from a "scanner" (a multipotential) following my article Are you a scanner. I don't know how I managed such a good SEO for this little article on this little blog… but it resonates with a lot of people. I replied to all the emails I received. And I often find the same questions. I have for several months the desire to write a book,especially to translate and compile the excellent literature published across the Atlantic on the subject of multipotentiality. Because yes, not everyone is bilingual! For the past five years, I have been as interested in the topic of multipotentials as the theme of zebras. Which makes sense considering I'm both :-). So I accumulated a lot of data and … very many and very intelligent articles on the solutions that exist. My working base for this book includes more than 40 books and more than 300 articles collected on the subject, to which I will add my own experience, my research with "happy scanners and scanners" and surveys and interviews that would be carried out with several thousand people defining themselves as multipotential. Thanks to all this research, I have managed to find and build "my range", the one that brings together all my passions in a range of activities. Many things, but a real direction. And believe me, when you know where you want to go, even if the path can take detours, life is great! I think that there is a real need to find your own way, especially professional, in many multipotentials.So I put a little survey online to see if this book idea about multipotentiality is attracting interest. Its goal is very concrete: to help scanners / multipotentials to manage this personality trait, get out of indecision and doubts, find THEIR ways and take full advantage of this great asset. One of its key questions, which you can also answer in the comments: does your multipotentiality cause you problems in your life,professional or personal? If so, would you like to know some methods, ideas and solutions to these problems?If you want to spend a few minutes on it, that would be great!

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