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Not easy going

As you know if you have read my previous articles on the subject, being a scanner or multipotentialis loving many, many things, and very, very different things. It is also to be bored quickly, to invest thoroughly and then to leave everything, it is not to know how to choose, because everything pleases us just as much. To be a scanner or multipotentialis – basically – to be an expert in several fields. Which sometimes have absolutely nothing, but really NOTHING, to do with one another. I'm a scanner, a gifted one too, and a multipotential to top it off, so I know what I'm talking about. I felt different for a long time, but as with everything, I did not give up. I tried to understand. I did very, very long research, in France and the USA. And I understood who I was. And how to turn this curse into a blessing. Today being a scanner is pure happiness… So I want to explain to you how I did to live to the fullest my difference, my "scannitude". Because the (rare) articles that we find in France talk about WHO we are, which is already very cool, because it makes you no longer feel alone. But few explain HOW to live with this personality trait. Because it is not easy to live, to assume and to explain in a world that would like each human being to enter a very specific box. You have to know: to become a happy scanner, who succeeds in life and in life, you have to completely rethink how it works. And set up a real program to adjust your way of understanding the world and your life in front of the "specialists" that surround us. It is a great deal of work, which actually takes a few months to set up, but which produces its effects very quickly.

Go around HIS horizon

So I'm going to give you one of my secrets, THE first thing I put in place once I figured out who I was and how I worked. It is a very effective tool, which will allow you to better understand your own scanner "horizon". It allows you to flatten YOUR ocean of possibilities, whether professional or personal, which sometimes makes you feel like you have no limits… … START BY MAKING A LIST OF EVERYTHING YOU LIKE. Yes, you read it. Buy a notebook or open a new Word file on your computer, it doesn't matter, choose the medium that suits you best. Keep it with you all the time. And start, as soon as you can, listing EVERYTHING you're passionate about in life. in detail. Without setting yourself ANY limits. Everything, absolutely everything, everything that amazes you, fascinates you, interests you, everything you like to do, see, read, watch, listen, learn…(and we know how much, when we are a scanner or multipotential, we like to learn!). Scanner or multipotential notebook As you will see, this exercise will allow you to understand an essential thing: limits, you have them. Even if your list starts with 10, then goes to 30, then 453 lines, you will find that after a while, you will arrive at an end feeling. No, marine architecture, photon physics or the medieval history of Mongolia, you're not more passionate about than that, actually. Or in any case, it goes after astronomy, piloting on circuit or painting on silk. Because that, you really can't do without it… This notebook or file is to be kept preciously, because it will follow you for years. And as soon as you think of a forgotten passion, or discover a new focus, write it down. Zero limit, I told you. It is YOUR support, it is like a diary, you absolutely must not restrain yourself, or self-censor.


Also note, under each center of interest, how you "live" it. By this I mean: is it a hobby, or do you want to make it a financially profitable activity, or even one of your jobs? For example, you dream of writing a book. Is it a novel or a practical guide? What would be the subject? How many pages? Do you want to have it edited in paper format, or make it an interactive ebook? Do you want to make a living from its sales? Where do you see yourself writing it: in a Parisian café, on a Thai beach, in your office early in the morning, when everything is quiet ?… This will allow you to better visualize your interest. To make it more "true", to "feel" it in you. To see you do it… And to better perceive if it is an attraction / a passion / a deep personal project – or a "crush" of the moment: if 4 months later, this project speaks to you less, it may be the case … Normally, the most lively interests in your home will come to you first. The others will follow as time goes by. Your brief and your reflection will allow you to complete as you go along… trust them. And once you've come a long way, take a break. And then become aware of this wonderful truth: YOU HAVE A WHOLE LIFE TO DO ALL THAT YOU LOVE. I leave you with this reflection… I let it permeate your conscience. I will explain how this changes a lot of things. Start by writing YOUR bucket list, the list of everything you want to do in your life before leaving it. Have fun making a list of your passions. This is the beginning of an exciting and exciting path to building a fulfilling and happy scanner life. >>> To discover:

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