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COVID-19 and pandemic fatigue 0

COVID-19 and pandemic fatigue

In November 2020 appeared the first texts on the impact of the pandemic after months of health crisis. Anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, loss of meaning, landmarks… How to fight against pandemic fatigue, and the wear and tear of having to fight every day?

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Body and mind 0

Body and mind

It's hard to talk about happiness without talking about physical happiness, health,love and body pleasure. However, this link is still not obvious to some of those who are interested in psychology and personal development....

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se mettre au vert 0

De l’importance de se mettre au vert

Prendre conscience de son environnement Notre monde urbanisé nous pousse à vivre en passant d’une boîte à une autre : d’une maison ou d’un loft à une voiture ou une rame de métro, d’un bus...

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